12 Days of Christmas workouts

Christmas is just around the corner and it's your last chance to smash out some workouts before enjoying a well-deserved break.

Try our 12 Days of Christmas challenge now - or use these workouts to keep on track while you're away with your friends and family over the holidays.

Merry Christmas from the team! Can't wait to see what you all achieve in 2017!

Day 1

On the first day of Christmas Recreate gave to me...

10 mountain climbers
10 push ups
10 shoulder taps (plank position, lift hand and touch shoulder, alternating sides)
10 toe taps
100 high knees

5 rounds, working your way up: 10,20,30,40,50 (high knees remain the same)

Day 2

2km row as fast as possible (goal sub 7 mins). If you can't row - run or bike.

Day 3

You have 2 minutes to run 200 metres. The time remaining on the clock at the end of the run is your rest period! Repeat 5 times.

Then: You have 1 minute to run 100 metres. Same rules apply! Repeat 5 times. 

Then: You have 30 seconds to run 50 meters. Same rules. Repeat 10 times.

* Beginners can add 30 seconds on to all the times

Day 4

20 bodyweight squats
10 burpees
20 jumping lunges (10 per leg)
8 burpees
15 squats
6 burpees 
15 jumping lunges 
4 burpees
10 squats
2 burpees 
10 jumping lunges

Day 5

1000ft on Jacob's Ladder - for time (goal sub 10mins). Don't have access to a gym? 10 x hill sprints for you at max effort. 

Day 6

10 press ups
10 burpees
10 bench tricep dips
9 press ups
9 burpees 
9 bench tricep dips

Counting all the way down to one of each

Day 7

10 squat jumps
10 broad jumps
30 sec prone hold
10 star jumps
10 jet stars (touch the ground then jump up like a star)

x 5 rounds

Day 8

100 burpees - for time (goal sub 10mins)

Day 9

50 scissor lunges
50 squats
50 mountain climbers 
40 scissor lunges
40 squats 
40 mountain climbers 

Then counting down 30, 20, 10 and you're done!

Day 10

15 v sit ups
10 elbows to knee crunches
50 mountain climbers 
60 sec slow bear crawl
60 sec prone

x 4 rounds

Day 11

2.4km run as fast as possible (goal sub 10mins) 

Day 12

100 second prone hold
100 full sit ups 
100 straight arm plank 
100 heel taps 

x 3 rounds 


Season's greetings 

The Recreate team - Reece, Shannon and Nik