5 no-equipment workouts you can do anywhere

We’re all busy and with the end of the year getting closer, things usually get even more frantic. Family commitments, work dos and holidays can make it hard to get to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall off the wagon completely. You can exercise anywhere! No excuses!

Here are five workouts you can do at home, in your hotel, wherever...

Workout 1:

3 rounds of the below: 50, 25 and then 12 reps per exercise

Squats ATG (ass to grass) 
Squat jumps 
Walking lunges
Press ups 

1 minute prone to finish the round (always 1 min)


  • Make sure when you're doing your squats you are driving through the outside of your feet and heels. Keep your knees aligned with your ankles. 
  • Squat jumps... I want you to jump. Every single one should be as explosive as possible.
  • Walking lunges: make sure you're driving up through your front heel.
  • Burpees are chest to ground. Pretty simple, just fall over and get back up again with a jump at the end...
  • Push-ups: make sure your hands are next to your chest not your shoulders.

Workout 2:

50 lunges (alternating on the spot)
40 squats ATG
30 full sit ups
20 press ups
10 burpees

AMRAP 20mins (As Many Rounds As Possible...with good form. I don't want you looking like a muppet doing half-assed moves and then hurt yourself).

To finish, run around the block as fast as you can...roughly 400m.

Workout 3:

50 walking lunges

10 squats
10 squat jumps
x3-4 sets

50 push ups

10 burpees
10 dips
x3-4 sets

50 elbow to knee crunches (lying on your back with your legs at table top position, elbows come up and touch knees/thighs)

100 bicycle crunches

1 minute prone

Workout 4:

5 sets of:

20 jumping lunges (10 per leg, trying to be as explosive as possible. DON'T RUSH THEM!)
100 high knees
100 mountain climbers (No jumping off your feet, angle opposite knee towards opposite elbow)
20 V sit ups  (reach up and touch toes/shins making the shape of a ‘V’ with your body)

Workout 5:

Bear crawl: 5 steps forward 5 steps back for 5 mins. Go as slow as possible on all fours keeping your back flat.

100 burpees - 10 on the minute for 10 minutes.

Go hard, jump about and come out of your hotel room looking like you've just had the time of your life!

- Shannon