Are you reaching your goals? 

When I was 18, a mentor said to me: “I want you to ask yourself this question every night before bed - Did what I do today get me closer to my goal/s?”

I want you to ask yourself this same question.

If the answer is yes, figure out what worked and repeat it. 

If the answer is no, well... it's time to make some changes and for that you’ll need a plan and some ‘boss’ attitude.

Step 1: Convert goals to actions

What are your health and fitness goals? Get out a piece of paper and write them down now. Be specific. Set a target and a timeframe. For example, one of your goals could be to commit to three training sessions a week.

Now choose your top three – the ones that will have the biggest impact for you. Think about how you will feel when you achieve each of these goals.

Next, and this is the important bit, write down one or two things you can do each day that will get you closer to each of your goals. If you’re not sure where to start, Recreate can help you get some clarity and set you up with a personalised programme.

This is your plan of attack. Put it up where you can see it - on your desk, hang it on your fridge, or wherever. It needs to be in your face.

Step 2: Cut the crap

Remove activities that waste your time or get in the way of making you a fitter, happier, more productive person. Be ruthless – by removing barriers you will reach your goals faster.

Become the ‘boss’ of your life. Treat all activities as employees. Give the good ones more attention; let go of the ones who are lazy, inefficient and not contributing to your ‘vision’. 

This doesn't mean giving up ALL the things or people you love. It simply means being willing to pull the weeds that are dragging you down. 

Step 3: Persist

To reach your goals you need to be willing to put in some consistent work. Some people are able to do this on their own, others need a support crew or a coach. If you find yourself straying off course, you might want to try group training or get back on track with a few PT sessions.

Take a look at those goals you wrote down and remember why you started. You can do this.

- Reece #noexcuses