Why you should celebrate every win

I had a conversation with a client this week who was embarrassed to tell me what weights she usually lifted.

I said to her: Why are you embarrassed? Because someone in the world is stronger than you? How does their ability affect you in any way? The majority of the world can’t deadlift 100kg, so to think that your 60kg squat sucks is just ridiculous. 

I think some people have no idea just how impressive numbers they deem ‘average’ sound to someone who doesn’t lift.

I often work with clients that feel they can only be happy with their progress once they can lift a certain weight or reach a certain number on the scales. This is particularly common among new gym goers, but even intermediate athletes often feel that they shouldn’t be proud of their accomplishments - yet.

The problem with this, of course, is that you will NEVER be happy if you take this approach.

My advice is to stop comparing yourself to the long-time gym goers or advanced lifters. We forget that the people who are lifting 100-200kgs are a small minority of the population. The world at large can’t lift the weights you’re moving, even if they aren’t the ‘heaviest’ weights.

Celebrate every PB and be happy with your progress. Focus on beating yourself and take every win, no matter how small.

- Reece #noexcuses