Why you should improve your mobility this off season

Whatever your winter sport of choice - be it rugby, netball, hockey or anything else - mobility plays a crucial role in performance and is an essential part of building a strong foundation for your competition season.

Shoulder injuries and issues with shoulder mobility are problems we see winter sport athletes struggle with on a regular basis, particularly rugby players. Being mobile is part of being fit and healthy and if you're not able to move your shoulder (or any other joint) through its full range of motion, you are putting yourself at increased risk of injury before you even start training.

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If you want to be competitive, its not only important to fix any shoulder pain, but also to ensure your joint is stable and strong so it can withstand the demands of your chosen winter sport.

During your competition season your body experiences very repetitive movements, for example tackling or shooting goals. This means some muscles are worked more than others due to the nature of your sport.

There are three planes of movement your body works through and sometimes in sport we are in one plane of movement more than others - be that forward, backward or lateral. During the off season we can embark on a training programme that emphasises strength and mobility in the other muscles and planes of movement that don't always get enough attention during game-time. Focusing on strengthening your full range of motion will reduce your chance of injuries going forward.

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The off season is your small window of opportunity to better yourself and set a good baseline for next winter.

Shoulder mobility workout 

Here is just one example of a workout to help build your strength across your full range of motion in your shoulder.

Push focused session on strength/size and mobility:

  1. Bench press (5reps/3sets)
  2. Rope face pull (10reps/3sets)
  1. Barbell push press (5reps/3sets)
  2. Rear delt fly (10reps/3sets)
  1. Incline dumbbell press (8reps/3sets)
  2. Barbell upright row (10reps/3sets)
  1. 1 min max push ups
  2. Battle ropes (30sec doubles, 30sec singles)

Core finisher (3sets):

  1. Ab rollouts x10

  2. Hanging knee raises x15

  3. Front Plank x1min

Need other off season workout ideas to improve your mobility? Hit up our team and come in for a yarn! Strength and conditioning is what we do best.

- Kurt #noexcuses