Enjoy the journey!


Recently I was on holiday, sitting in a boat in the Gulf of Thailand and looking forward to disembarking onto what is arguably the nicest beach in the world, when the tour guide uttered three words: Embrace the journey.

 Now you can ask anyone that knows me well and they’ll agree that I am not the most emotional human being, but these three words really did make me pause and reflect.  We were all so caught up over arriving at our destination, that we forgot to take in the breath-taking scenery surrounding us at that very moment.

So how does this relate to the gym and your training?

To really get the most out of your training you need to have a goal which will be your destination, and although this should be the motivation towards all you do, you must be able to enjoy the journey of getting there, as it will be the time spent achieving your goal that will be the most memorable.

 Make friends and create memories; fail then succeed; laugh and cry; but always give it your all, your very best; always be proud of your achievements, but hunger for more; never be satisfied that you’ve achieved your absolute best results, strive for more.  For sure there will be days you are tired, grumpy or sore but again these make reaching that destination even sweeter.

 Finally, don't over think your training. A portion of your whole programme done with 100% commitment is better than an entire programme done with minimal commitment. If you only have time for three burpees out of ten, then give your utmost effort to those three burpees; at least you're doing something and doing it well!

 Commitment is the key to any progress, and enjoying your time spent training is the key to reaching your goals. 

 - Nik #noexcuses