Getting Serious About Burning Fat!


As I’m sure most personal trainers find, much of my day is spent fielding questions about fat loss! Of course, it’s great to be focused on getting leaner; not only will losing fat make you look and feel considerably better, but it will greatly improve the quality, and ideally the longevity, of your life.

So with that in mind I thought I’d fire a couple of thoughts your way that might help you kick-start your fat-loss campaign. But be warned, I’m about to tell it like it is!


Stop lying to yourself!

We’ve all been there – you’re sitting on the couch finishing off that tub of ice-cream, trying desperately to convince yourself that the protein in Tip Top’s Triple Choc Swirl is vital to the retention of your muscle!

But deep down most of us have a pretty good idea about what’s good for us, and what’s bad for us. So, first and foremost you need to stop playing these games with yourself!


Put a timeframe in place

If you’re serious about losing some fat you need to put a deadline on it, otherwise you’ll keep putting it off and keep telling yourself that you’ll begin at the start of NEXT week, rather than starting right now!

You need to set some parameters because you need to be accountable to yourself for making change. Make your time-frame realistic, but make it definitive!


Stop putting rubbish in your body!

Like I said in my first point, we all have a reasonable idea about what is essentially good for us, and what is inherently bad. It may be that you’re not the kind of person that will count calories and strictly calculate how many grams of protein per kilo you weigh you should be ingesting each day.

If that’s the case, at least take the first step. Start eating more of the stuff you know is good (lean meats, vegetables, seasonal fruits and nuts) and cut down on the garbage (fried and fast foods, processed carbs and breads (including pasta, chips and biscuits), lollies and sweets, and liquid calories like fizzy drink and alcohol.

Phew, well I did say I was going to be straight with you! But because I’ve been quite strong with my approach here, I’ve got a little reward for you, a secret weapon, if you will, in the war against fat-loss.


It’s called Carb Rotation.

To allow yourself the opportunity to eat some carbs every now and again try cycling carbs on and off. For three days you’ll stay on a low-carb diet, then you’ll have one day of high-carb intake, before going back to three strict days of low-carbs.

For your low-carb days you’ll only eat carbs during your first meal of the day, and as a post-workout meal IF you train. The carbs we are talking about here are things like kumara, rice, and oats (sorry, pizza and potato chips are still off the menu). Make sure you fill yourself up on plenty of spinach and mixed veges, and keep your water intake up.

On the fourth day, where we introduce carbs you can fill up on all the things we took out above – Kumara, brown rice, oats etc. Keep your fat intake as low as possible, and tear in to your training on these days.

Day five is perhaps the most important – it’s critical you revert back to your strict diet, or the benefits will be lost. By shocking your system on day four you will have your rmetabolism working over-time. When you go back to a strict low-carb diet on day five your body will still be in it’s heightened state of alertness, anticipating another heavy dose of carbs and preparing itself to have to burn excess calories. By going back to a low-carb diet your body will instead burn stored fat reserves when it realises a big serving of carbs isn’t on the way.

Obviously that’s a pretty simplistic explanation of the chemical processes occurring in your body, but give it a crack, I’m sure you’ll achieve rapid and noticeable results!



Reece McCaffrey