How to Burn FAT

"Don’t waste your time working small muscles with isolated movements."


If you don’t enjoy doing weights, or are pressed for time, concentrate on working the largest muscle groups with compound resistance movements. 

When I see overweight people doing wrist curls or lateral raises, I cringe knowing that they will not see results. It’s probably due to a lack of understanding about how their bodies work. Most people want to lose fat and tone and firm their bodies.

The way to do that is to use resistance (weights or machines) to train the large muscle groups. Men should be concentrating on legs, chest and back. Women should concentrate more on their legs and back. 

The best exercises for legs are lunges or squats (a personal trainer can show you the proper form and then monitor you during the exercise) and leg press. 

The best chest exercise is bench press, and the best back exercise is chin ups or prone Rows. All of these are compound movements, which means they incorporate multiple muscle groups, and compound movements are known for quickly increasing your metabolism.

This means you burn more fat while you train and at rest! This is going to be a lot more successful than isolating muscle’s by doing bicep curls or triceps kickbacks.

My training style uses a combination of large compound movements and high intensity interval training to get results fast. No more long slow boring cardio, no need to lift weights in the gym for hours. Just a combination of the right movement patterns at a high intensity to torch fat and get you looking great in a shorter timeframe. 




Reece McCaffrey