How to lose fat in those 'problem areas'

Our genetics predetermine where our bodies store fat and it’s different for everyone. Some people store it evenly all over their bodies, while others store it on their backside and thighs, hips, or stomach and chest.

Everyone has a problem area – a place where fat accumulates the fastest. Our team of trainers often get requests for workouts that specifically target ‘love handles’ or ‘bingo wings.’ This is called spot reduction and unfortunately it isn’t possible.

The myth of spot reduction is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Exercise equipment and supplement companies often exploit the desire of the public to improve just one area of their bodies. 

While resistance training can improve the definition of a certain area of the body, without body-fat loss you’ll never see this definition. 

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You can lose those love handles, but there is no quick fix!

To lose fat in a specific area, without a surgical procedure, you need to lose body-fat all over. You can do this by following a balanced full-body training and nutritional programme.

Think of the fittest people you know - maybe they’re famous actors or fitness models - even they have trouble spots based on their genetics and they didn't get a 6-pack by doing 1000 sit-ups every day. 

They train hard using a mixture of compound lifts and big full-body movements to burn as many calories as possible, in the shortest time possible. 

This work is coupled with bouts of high-intensity cardiovascular work and clean eating principles. 

These are the methods we use at Recreate Personal Training when designing programming to help your reach your goals. 

There are two basic steps to losing body-fat

  • Get in the gym for at least thirty minutes of solid strength and conditioning, three to five days a week. Your programme should include weights and other resistance workouts to improve your lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism.
  • Eat real foods, timing nutrients for before and after your workouts. Eat to fuel your training - don't train to compensate for your poor nutrition. 

Don't buy into the myth of spot reduction. If you work hard and focus on your nutrition, your results will speak for themselves.

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- Reece