Huge results from our latest 6 Week Challenge

Our next 6 Week Recreation Challenge starts 25 March, so email to register now!

Our latest 6 Week Recreation Challenge has just wrapped up after kicking off in January. The whole group impressed us with their motivation to shed that Christmas holiday indulgence weight and get on track for the year.

The weekly challenges were not for the faint-hearted and we were very proud of the effort everyone put in - no matter their level of fitness. The Saturday Bootcamps were a great environment and it was cool to see the team coming together outside of the Challenge to fit in extra workouts and social activities.

Congratulations to you all - you made it and you're looking awesome!

The results

Winner: Johnny Wood

Woody lost 7.5kg and 7% body-fat in just 6 weeks. His fitness and strength testing results were also reflective of his efforts.

His focus and determination helped him get this amazing result. Not only did he work harder than anyone else, he also picked up others around him - such a great member to have in our group training sessions.

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Best females: Arnica Long and Tui Scott

These ladies both put in such an amazing effort that we couldn't pick just one! 


Arnica lost 5.2kg and can now barbell squat and deadlift - awesome Arnica!

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Tui destroyed all of the weekly challenges and had amazing results with her strength and conditioning.

In her initial testing she was able to do 4 banded chin-ups, now she can complete 5 unassisted. She also cleaned up the boys in the 1km run - completing it in 3.49!

Tui was very committed and worked hard on her programming and nutrition as set out by Shannon.

She dropped 4.8kg and 6.2% body-fat in 6 weeks. Her girth measurements decreased 28cms overall from 6 sites.

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 Best male: Josh Leszczuk

This man is a weapon and a pleasure to train. In just six weeks, he dropped 9.5kg and 7% body-fat. With a massive focus on his nutrition and increased training intensity, Josh was able to achieve these results. His physical changes were remarkable but also his athletic ability and fitness testing were amazing.

He is now deadlifting 230 x3 and smashed out 46 burpees in 2 minutes.

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