New strength and conditioning challenge gets results!

 Our newest fitness challenge 4 Weeks to Strong  has just wrapped up and we couldn’t be more excited by the results!

 This challenge combines our famous Saturday Bootcamp sessions, with two weekly strength and conditioning challenges and an online support group with recipes, tips, motivational articles and more.

  When we were developing our 4 Weeks to Strong programme we also created our very own ReCreate grading system. Designed to help clients gauge their progress, and to give them something to aspire towards, it features three levels:

 ·       ROOKIE – Involving 9 different physical tests, this first level is challenging but definitely attainable for those who are committed. 

 ·       ATHLETE – The Athlete level is a real step up, involving 11 tests that will challenge even the fittest and strongest amongst us. 

 ·       ELITE – The standards for the 13 tests on this level were designed to be almost impossible – only the best of the best earn the title ‘Elite’!

 The first challenge kicked off in early July with a great crew of motivated people who were ready to give it their all. Their achievements and transformations are epic!

 Our next challenge starts 9 September, so if you want results like these – make sure you nab your spot now.



 Congrats Mike Geddis on taking out the 4 Weeks to Strong transformation challenge!

 Mike dropped 5.1kg and 5.6% body-fat in just 4 weeks. Mike was completely up for the challenge; always getting stuck into everything and was first off the rank each week, by completing the weekly challenges on a Sunday afternoon to start the week right.

 Some of Mike's notable performances were his 180kg deadlift (a 20kg increase on his previous personal best) and smashing out 37 calories on the Fan Bike in 1 minute. 

 The 4 Week to Strong challenge focusses on improving nutrition, strength and conditioning. Mike has nailed this round and has set himself up to continue on the road to achieving his future strength and weight loss goals. 

 Mike also passed 8/8 requirements to claim his Rookie ReCreate ranking. 

 Well done Mike! 



 Kelleigh recently completed one of our previous challenges 'Body on the Line', prior to heading into the 4 Week To Strong transformation challenge.

 It was always going to be hard for Kelleigh going back-to-back with challenges; after losing 5% body fat initially on Body on the Line, Kelleigh didn't have a huge amount of body fat left to shed. Kelleigh was also bouncing back from a knee injury, which has now been strengthened, and she is now in even better shape for the Spring 4 Week to Strong challenge right around the corner. 

 Kelleighs transformation includes: 

  • Scales went up, and body fat reduced even further from 21.5% to 19.6%.  
  • Bench-press - 45kg to 50kg
  • Squat - 70kg to 80kg
  • Dead-lift -  90kg to 95kg
  • nose-to-ground push-ups - 15 to 28
  • unassisted chin-ups -2 to 4 

 Well-deserved mate!



 Hannah has always been consistent with her training; having just completed our glute specific training program, Hannah was ready to test her new found strength. What better way to test this than the 4 Weeks to Strong -Transformation Challenge. 

 Hannah is a great motivator and is an asset to our online support group, sharing training ideas, nutritional tips and making times to meet with others in the group to train. 

 Hannah's transformation sees her down 3% body-fat and now in the athletic range for females. Scale weight stayed the same but she increased her lean muscle mass by 1.5kg, making Hannah more metabolically active and lean. Another great reason why you shouldn’t get caught up on the scales alone. 

  On top of this, she pulled a massive 95kg dead-lift (over 1.5x her body weight), added 7.5kg to her Squat and was a total #bosslady at the straight-arm plank. 

 The photos and your results speak for themselves; congrats Hannah, you're amazing. 


Second place. Male

 Hard work pays off.

 Shannon has been training Mike since March 2015 with a focus on getting fit and playing club rugby again.  In August 2016, Mike had an ankle reconstruction, which saw him out of action and off work for months.

After that recovery Mike completed one of our 6-week challenges; losing 7kgs and coming second overall in that challenge.

 Mike is testament to getting out what you put into your training programme.  He is consistently delivering results by staying true and trusting the system; sticking to his training programme, keeping up his nutrition and absolutely owning it. Mike is constantly turning heads in the gym from the effort he puts into his training. 

 Overall, he has lost a total of 19 kgs and his 4 Weeks to Strong improvements include:

  • Chin-ups - 2 to 10
  • Bench-press - 110kg to 130kg
  • Dead-lift - 150kg to 180kg
  • Squat - 120kg to 170kg 

 So bloody impressive mate, a lot of people couldn't keep it up, nor could they put their bodies through what you can. Well done.

 Athlete awards

Reece Josh

 At the end of our first instalment of 4 Weeks to Strong, one male had achieved the status of Athlete. That man was Josh Leszczuk. 

 Some of his more notable performances during testing included:  

  • A 240kg dead-lift
  • 51 calories in 1 minute on the Fan Bike (Elite standard)
  • 500m row in 1:24:1min (Elite standard) 

 As you’d expect, Josh has some pretty decent natural attributes when it comes to fitness and strength. But his biggest advantage is his work ethic – he trains with focus and intensity, constantly striving to push himself to be better than he was yesterday. 

 That is all we ask of our clients – to strive to be fitter, stronger, healthier versions of themselves. That could mean anything, from making the transition from 'Athlete' to 'Elite', to simply earning your stripes as a 'Rookie'. 

  I’m a firm believer that hard work pays off, and Josh is the perfect example of this. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be one of the very first to reach our Elite level.

 Mitch the machine

 Mitch is another of the success stories to come out of our 4 Weeks to Strong programme. Coming from a strong background of training, including group-fitness instruction and cross-fit, Mitch was looking to spend a bit of time working on her strength. 

 Hard work was not an issue; Mitch would often have to train 2-3 times a day to fit in her programme and challenges, on top of her group-fitness instruction. This lead to her destroying our 'Prison Burpees' workout with a time of 8 minutes 12 seconds for a total of 210 Burpees. 

 Her strength gains where outstanding as well. Firstly, breaking her dead-lift personal best by 10kg to hit 105kg and then adding 20kg to her 5RM to hit 100kg. Her squat improved by 10kg and her press-ups went from 30 to 46. 

 Mitch is our only female entrant to hit our top Athlete ranking, which she achieved in:

  • the straight-arm plank
  • press-ups
  • barbell squat
  • dead-lift

Well done Mitch, you inspired a lot of people throughout the programme. Keep training hard and we look forward to seeing even more of what you can do in the future.

 -Reece, Shannon & Nik

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