Not seeing changes? Mix up your routine!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. You need variation in your workouts for your body to change.

If you come into the gym and do your same three sets of squats, at the same weight for 10 reps, your body will adapt to that and stay at that level. 

Doing variations of the same exercise instead of the same old thing, day in, day out will keep your body guessing. It will constantly be trying to adapt and you’ll see bigger changes as a result.

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You need to mix it up! 

I'm not saying change that squat to a leg press, don't ever do that – It’s far more beneficial squatting than using the leg press (unless you are unable to due to injury of course).

I'm saying mix it up in terms of reps, sets, weight, rest period and squat variation.

  • Try four sets of 10 reps at your usual weight.
  • Try three sets of 12 at the same weight.
  • Try three sets of eight reps with a heavier weight.
  • Try adding weight at each set for three sets, counting down from 10 reps, to eight, then six.
  • Try resting for 45 seconds instead of a minute.

These little changes in routine will help you get better results. And you can apply little changes like these to any exercise.

There's no point doing the same things each day and leaving the gym not feeling like you pushed yourself. You should be wanting to improve each week, whether that’s getting stronger, building muscle, getting fitter, or just feeling better naked! 

Mix it up. Go hard. Sweat. Cry. Get shit done. And then leave the gym knowing you've achieved something. 

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- Shannon