Nutrition tips for the holidays

We’re all about to enter the holiday period, which means work dos, parties, BBQs, a lot of eating out and usually a lot of booze!

You’ve worked hard at the gym for summer, so don’t let the holidays derail you. Here are my tips to prevent you from falling off the healthy eating wagon completely.

1. Prepare for meals out 

When you go out for a meal have a look at the menu online first. Try to eat something before you go as well because a lot of the time we overeat when we are out. Lone Star is a prime example - so much food, so good ahhhh! – but you're better off sharing a plate or taking leftovers home. 

2. Drink water before you eat

One of the easiest ways to avoid overeating is to drink water 20 minutes prior to your meal. A lot of the time we mistake thirst for hunger.

However, try to avoid drinking large amounts of water and other liquids while eating. Your body’s main priority should be trying to break down the food you’re consuming and using it to the best of its ability. Drinking liquid slows this process down.

3. Limit your drinks

Alcohol is a big factor when it comes to packing on the pounds over the holidays. It has 7 calories per gram! Beer can range from 60 to 250 calories per serving. One shot could contain up to 200 calories and if you’re mixing that with coke or juice, you're going to be taking in hundreds of calories per drink. So if you want to maintain your weight, or really want to drop a few kgs, cut the alcohol out! Or at least drop the amount you're consuming. 

4. Say no to bar snacks

If you're eating and drinking at the same time, try to avoid carbs and fats. These are your typical bar snacks such as chips, wedges, nachos etc. Choose proteins instead. Otherwise, remember to eat prior to consuming so much grog!

The reason for this is that when your body consumes alcohol, its main priority is to get it out of you ASAP. It forgets about all the carbs and fats you're eating at the time and will deal to them later (which is normally too late and the damage has already been done). It's a lot harder to put on body fat by just consuming protein – so choose protein-based snacks. Think chicken skewers etc.

5. Just a few sweet treats

Tell people you don't want chocolate as a gift! If you do get it, just don't over indulge. Share it with your family or try to have it around the time you train. Think of earning your carbohydrates. The more you exercise, the more you can have – within reason. This does not mean you can go and eat a bunch of cupcakes though, or smash a box of scorched almonds!

Need some more tips or a plan to stay on track? Ask one of our team.

- Shannon