Our challenge winner lost over 7kgs in 6 weeks!

You've been waiting for the results and here they are - our latest 6 Week Recreation winners!

With a long weekend and Cup and Show Week on during this challenge, it was no easy feat to keep on track - but our winners are proof that hard work, commitment and mental strength pay off

We had a tough time judging this round because everyone's results were so close - so close that we had a dead-set tie* for the best female and male transformations.

You did an awesome job team and we bet you're feeling excited for summer. Bring on that shorts weather!

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The Results

Winner: Simon Tucker

Simon lost an impressive 7.3kgs, a total of 6.2% body-fat and 47cms off his body, including 16cms off his hips. He looks like a new man and he's earned himself $1000 cash just in time for Christmas, plus $1000 worth of personal training to keep the momentum going. Top effort Simon!

IMG 1091

Best female transformation: Bec Newman and Sophie McMullen

Bec was one of our most committed participants and earned points for consistently getting the job done. She lost 3.1kg, 2.1% body-fat and 17.9cms in total. Now she's all set for summer. Looking great Bec!

IMG 1151

Sophie lost 3.4kg, 2.43% body-fat and 20cms in total. Smashed it Sophie!

IMG 1148

Best male transformation: Michael Cavanagh and Sam Harvey

Michael lost 6.7kgs, 1.93% body-fat and a total of 35cms. Amazing Michael!

IMG 1173

Sam has seriously upped his fitness and lost 6.9kgs as a result. His body-fat went down 3.3% and he took 23cm off his body. Epic work Sam - keep it up!

IMG 1152

*The criteria we use are photos (visual transformation), body-fat percentage loss, weight loss, attendance and value to the group (being a team player is key), and nutrition (monitored through a food diary).