Real motivation starts with a need


A lot of people WANT to be fit, strong, look good naked, have more money... but often it’s not until you really NEED something that you find the strongest motivation to get it. 

To find your drive to succeed, you’ve got to think about why you need something as opposed to wanting it. I want to be millionaire, but I don't need to be one. You have to need something so badly that it's going to hurt if you don't get it. The fear of failing is often far more influential on your goal than getting a reward or winning.

‘Want’ is something we hear all the time in our industry, especially when it’s competition based: ‘I want to win’, ‘I want to get in shape’. These are awesome statements to hear, but it’s the people saying: ‘I need to do this for myself’ that are the real threat. These people are the ones that are willing to do all that it takes for them to achieve their goals.

Let’s use the goal of ‘getting in shape’. A lot of people say they want this, but if saying that made it easy, everyone would be walking around as lean as hell with six-pack abs. You’ve got to be convinced you need it; you need to be at risk of losing something by not achieving it. This need might come from an important event up ahead (deadlines help), the shock of a health condition, or the need to get more active for the sake of your mental health.


A need is a strong motivator and I can use myself as an example: a couple of years ago I lost 11.5 kgs in just over four weeks (yes, four weeks!) to make weight for a boxing fight. Reece was the original fighter, but tore his bicep tendon while sparring in the ring, so I told him I'd step in. I knew it was going to be incredibly hard to drop the weight I needed to, but the fear of letting Reece down, as well as the sponsors and everybody else who had made donations for the fight, was my motivation.

The reward of losing 11.5 kgs wasn't a motivator at all. It was the fear of letting people down by not making the weight I needed to in order to qualify for the fight, that drove me to succeed.


Find your fear, find what hurts, find that motivator and you will achieve your goal.

- Shannon #noexcuses