The scales don't tell the full story

I see it every day: people weigh themselves on the scales before a workout, after a workout, and then again when they are leaving the gym. They probably weighed themselves before they came in that morning and will do it again before bed. 

Sound familiar? Well it’s time to stop letting the scales rule your life...

Your weight can vary hugely throughout the day - sometimes by up to almost 3kg! This fluctuating number on the scales is influenced by various factors, most commonly nutrition, hydration, activity level and inflammation - just to name a few.

And even when people get to their 'goal weight', they’re often still unhappy with their appearance. This generally comes down to a lack of lean muscle development and a high body-fat percentage. This occurs when following restricted calorie diets and doing large volumes of long, slow cardio or endurance training. 

My advice is to use more reliable sources of measurement. This is why [Re:]create will always use girth measurements and caliper testing to paint the full picture of what is going on in your body. We also do regular fitness testing for this reason. 

Are you building muscle and losing fat? Are you faster? Lifting heavier? Able to sustain exercises for longer? Are you feeling more energetic? Has your confidence increased? These are the ‘numbers’ that really matter. Screw the scales!

And if I haven’t got through to you yet, think about this: if you lose 3kgs of body-fat and gain 3kgs of muscle, you’re going to see a huge difference in your body-fat percentage, health and your appearance. But you’re not going to see the number on the scales shift at all. So why focus just on what they're telling you?

- Reece