Challenge your mind to improve

Have you ever heard the saying “your mind will give up 1000 times before your body does”? When training or competing, your bones, muscles and organs are constantly sending messages to your brain telling you to stop. Some people do: others embrace the grind. 

When it comes to performance, the mind is number one. Without it we have nothing. It drags the body struggling behind it. When the mind is put under stress during training it becomes stronger, and with this comes improved physical performance, confidence and an increased ability to push through pain. 

There are many people out there who are physically up to the challenge in front of them, but that struggle when put to the test because they lack the mental strength.

The mind does not enjoy hard work. It’s the constant devil on your shoulder telling you to give up or that you should have worked harder. The more time you spend in the hurt locker, the more often you will want to quit - but this is when you need to keep going. The body is strong and resilient. It’s the mind you need to convince.

We need to accept that we will hurt physically and undertake some mental suffering to make our work in the gym pay off. Creating a positive relationship towards physical pain and challenges will help you improve and develop as a person, and in return boost your athletic performance. 

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To become mentally stronger, we must work on our weaknesses - often the exercises we don't not enjoy - in order to improve. We can often get caught in a cycle of training the things we are good at because we enjoy them, but we should be putting ourselves in harder positions and working on the difficult movements in order to become better athletes. 

I often hear people say: "I don't do deadlifts because I'm not good at them" or "I hate burpees" because they are difficult. This is the precise reason why a good trainer/coach will focus on these movements to physically and mentally test a person. By making a conscious decision to work on your weaknesses or train the things you dislike, you will see fast improvements in your physical and mental development. 

This is why the team at [re:]create are constantly surprising you and testing you. We know that you are capable of more than you may believe. Every day we see people doing things they have never done before and taking themselves to a new level.

We apply pressure to help you. We teach you how to eat better and tailor your nutrition for your training. We create training programmes that are challenging, but that also give you the room to recover properly. We notice when you are improving and we let you know when you are not performing. This is what coaching is all about.

By trusting your trainer, you can push yourself to the edge of your abilities. We want you to put yourself outside your comfort zone as much as possible. Do the stuff you really don't like until you get good at it. Get out there and push your boundaries!

-  Reece