Why your previous efforts to lose weight haven’t worked

[trans-fer-mey-shuh n]


1. the act or process of transforming
2. the state of being transformed
3. change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

Transformation is a process that converts you from your existing state into another, newer, more desirable state. Like so many processes, transformation has a formula, made up of components. To get it right, the formula must work and the components must be applied. If they are not, the transformation fails. You fail.

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Does this sound familiar?

You have probably tried it all.

You have probably spent years of your life searching for the one piece of magic that would lead to a complete transformation and turn you into a lean badass. It was most likely cutting out carbs, going on an incredibly low calorie diet, doing paleo, vegan or juicing.

Each time, regardless of what plan you went on, you did lose weight. But then you would eventually gain it back, and sometimes gain more than before. These setbacks and results lead many people to years of ‘weight cycling’, which can not only be frustrating and highly discouraging, but has also been shown in research to be very damaging to your health.

Here’s why the plans you’ve tried weren’t sustainable…

It is not the fact that you didn’t find the perfect diet plan, it was your mindset that accompanied each diet plan that kept you from reaching your goals. You were thinking short-term. You were thinking about reaching a particular point at a particular time and then stopping there.

By thinking short-term, you failed before you even started. Beating yourself up is not the way to go about it. What you want is lasting change. You want longevity. You want to be permanently transformed and to look and feel good all of the time. If you want lasting change, you need a new way of thinking about transformation.

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Your goals must be long-term

Your goals must be long-term and in order for you to meet your long-term goals, you must change your mindset and your approach to eating. 

In our 4 Weeks to Shred and 4 Weeks to Strong programming, we remove the word ‘diet’ from our vocabulary and replaced it with ‘nutrition’. This adjusts our nutritional mindset and changes how our Recreate athletes view food. We view it as a source of fuel. We are looking to fuel our performance, both professionally and socially. Once you view food for what it actually is, all of your previous plans look completely pointless.

Start a nutrition plan/ diary

When embarking on a difficult journey, you must prepare and plan your nutrition plan appropriately.

In order for you to buy into the nutrition plan mindset that will motivate you to get through a challenging process in your eating habits, you are going to have to buy into some pretty difficult beliefs about why you are really transforming yourself.

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It’s not all about weight loss and looks

You may believe that aesthetics will make you happy…

You see this all the time in transformation and weight loss marketing; an overweight, out of shape ‘before’ picture, looking miserable with terrible posture and unwashed hair. Then, a stunningly transformed awesome ‘after’ picture, wearing smaller clothes with a smaller waist, better hair, better posture and a smile.

The transformation/weight loss industry has done such a good job of tying your happiness to your weight that we now seem to believe it. It’s as if losing weight is a magical path to happiness.

But it’s not. It’s great that you lose weight, but it is only a small piece of the puzzle. Every time you get down to your ‘ideal weight’,  you feel somewhat empty inside. You feel incomplete. When you feel this, the weight comes back, and you find yourself even more miserable. You failed, again.

Before you even start, you must ask yourself ‘Why?’

Why do you want to transform yourself or better yourself?

What are the reasons?

You must be brutally honest and selfish here and you must do it for yourself and for nobody else.

Nothing is going to work unless you learn to be happy and shift to a more positive mindset. Like attracts like. Love yourself. You must be happy and think positive, regardless of your weight. When you achieve this, I guarantee that you will actually be able to successfully lose weight – long-term.

- Reece #noexcuses #transformation

 P.S. in my next article I’ll explain exactly how to fuel yourself in order to reach your transformation goals.