30 Day Challenge

Frustrated because you are un-fit, over-weight or out of shape? Frustrated with workouts that fail to yield results, or training sessions which are boring and mundane?

If you’ve reached the tipping point and are finally ready to achieve your goals, then Body On The Line is for you!

Not for the faint-hearted, Body On The Line is a 30-day, no-holds-barred, no-nonsense programme designed to make you shed body fat, increase your strength, and get fitter than you’ve ever been before!

Meet JP – staring down the barrel of 30 and tipping the scales at over 140kg. With a long family history of obesity and heart problems JP knew that the time had come to make drastic changes.

In 30 days he dropped more than 10kg following the Body On The Line programme, increasing his fitness, enhancing his health, and embarking on a journey which will see him living a richer, more fulfilling, and much, much longer life.

If JP can do it weighing 140kg, what’s your excuse?

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Body On The Line programme

Here's the catch:The Body On The Line project is a 30 day programme

Over the course of 30 days if you successfully lose 5kgs or more and keep it off at the final weigh in the whole project is yours half price (300 dollars).

If you do not lose over 5kg you will pay the full price for the training you have completed (600 dollars).

Each month we will take on 2 lucky applicants.

So tell us how bad you want this? APPLY NOW!

Terms and conditions 

1. The successful applicant must put everything on the line for 30 days

2. All sessions must be completed (5x p/w) 

3. Weekly nutrition/training diaries must be filled out

4. Must be able to attend 3 x 30 min sessions with a [re:]create Trainer per week over 30 days (12 in total) 

5. The Body On The Line project may use any statistics collected, and photos or videos created as marketing material 

6. Successful applicants must give video testimonial.

*Cannot be a current [re:]create Personal Training client