About Us

Recreate Personal Training was founded by award-winning coach Reece McCaffrey in 2010. His goal: to radically transform how Cantabrians approached health and fitness.

Sick of the quick-fix, ‘summer body’ trend being marketed to the masses, Reece established Recreate to challenge the status quo. Built on a philosophy of long-term and sustainable lifestyle changes, Reece developed unique programmes that combine strength and conditioning, mobility, and mindset work to prepare people to perform at their best.

Recreate’s trusted team of experts have since become the go-to coaches for thousands of people across Christchurch and beyond, offering challenging one-on-one, small group and whole-crew training sessions that are designed to push people past their limits.

Our training programmes go beyond movement and we’re proud to play an important role in teaching people about their bodies, how to fuel them and the right way to get the results they’re looking for. We tell it like it is and advocate strongly against quick fixes! Our approach is about setting long-term goals that clients will enjoy working towards, while helping them to fall in love with the process.

You can learn more about our unique fitness philosophy and training options here.

Our beliefs

People - People first always

People come first and fitness comes second. Our team brings like-minded people together through exercise, focusing on building a strong community as a springboard for lifestyle changes that will stand the test of time. Through Recreate, you’ll create some of the best friendships you’ve ever had with people who will lift you up and encourage you to be the best you can be.

Mindset - The mind is primary

Our coaches understand that life can throw some tough stuff our way and this can create barriers to taking care of ourselves. We believe in supporting people to get their headspace right first. We know that building the right mindset is essential to transformation and this has to be created at each person’s pace. We’re here to support you, no matter your age, stage or level of fitness.

Mobility - Movement over ego

Big lifts and fancy moves may get you the most likes on social media, but they’ll do nothing for your performance without a solid foundation of mobility. We begin our teaching from the ground up, ensuring our clients learn the correct way to complete movements, before taking their workouts to the next level. We’ll help you work on those niggly but important weak spots, so you can improve at what you enjoy most.

Strength – Physical and mental

Our strength and conditioning style programming is designed to challenge the body and the mind. These two forms of strength go hand in hand and you cannot master one without the other. Every workout we design is part of a bigger picture of holistic transformation for the people we work with. Building overall strength will enable you to perform at your peak – whether that’s on the sports field, in competition, at work, or in your personal life.

Join the crew

We’d love you to join us for a trial workout with our crew, so you can experience the Recreate difference.

If you’re ready to truly transform your health and fitness, get in touch with us for a free consultation.