[ re-create ] - verb

To refresh by means of relaxation and enjoyment of one-on-one training, and to rest oneself physically and mentally.

Reece McCaffrey


Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Manager

With more than 14 years’ experience in the fitness industry, I’ve seen every fad come and go, and I know that old-school, back-to-basics training wins hands down every time.

In order to transform your body and mind long-term, I believe you simply need to be consistent and have a good plan.

I first discovered the power of fitness through my own struggles. I grew up as a skinny, weak and insecure kid, with low self-confidence. That was until I found strength and conditioning training. I became fit and unstoppable, inspiring me to study fitness and coaching professionally.

I’ve now spent more than a decade refining a unique training approach that combines strength, conditioning, mindset work and nutrition support, to achieve sustainable lifestyle transformation.

Through my business Recreate Personal Training, I’ve helped thousands of regular, busy people make their own long-term transformations by giving them the tools they need to sustain success.

My training methods focus on developing correct movement and mobility before moving to more complex strength and conditioning exercises.

I take a structured approach to ensure my clients actually improve their technique, speed, agility, balance and self-confidence, with a focus on quality of workout, not quantity. You don’t need to spend hours and hours at the gym! I push people to their limits because life is hard and overcoming hurdles in the gym helps prepare us to overcome other challenges we face.

Outside of work, family is everything to me and I am a very proud Dad to George and husband to Mon. We have a dog called Captain Jack, who has more energy than anyone I’ve ever trained and challenges me on every run.

I compete in powerlifting and trail running and have played rugby to a high level. I now coach athletes in these sports to perform at their peak, focusing on strength, conditioning, movement, team culture and mental toughness.

I also believe strongly in giving back to the community, working closely with charities focused on mental health and wellbeing, including the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and local charities in Canterbury.

I have a Degree in Sports Management, majoring in Exercise and Health, a Diploma in Applied Sport, a New Zealand Certificate in Fitness, and a New Zealand Certificate in Sports Coaching Level 4. I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness, and in 2018, I was named Small Group Trainer of the Year by the New Zealand Exercise Association.

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