Personal Training

I am Reece McCaffrey, Christchurch personal trainer and weight loss specialist.

My team of qualified, expert personal trainers at [Re:]create are here to give you results - guaranteed!

Results guaranteed!

That’s right; believe it or not, we guarantee you will reach your goals by training with us. If you don’t, then we refuse to take your money! In fact, if you don’t become fitter, stronger, and lose centimeters in the first four weeks we will refund you!

How can we make such a bold promise?

Simple: We strive to be up to date with the latest techniques to deliver you a fitness routine that gets you results, fast! With us, all your workouts will be exciting, challenging, and results focused!

Here's our promise to you:

We WILL get you into shape by using advanced training methods that have been proven by science to make you lose fat and get toned as FAST and as SAFELY as possible.

If you are like most of my clients you will want to lose fat and get into shape. However, you might be short of time or simply lack the motivation to get along to the gym by yourself. I completely understand, I’m super busy too, so here’s what I’ve done…

I've created highly effective 30 minute workout routines.

My workouts are short, fast-paced and fun and they'll have you looking better and feeling better in no time.

You will be shaping up in less time than it takes to watch your favourite TV programme.

I know that everyone is different, so our fitness and fat loss solutions are specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type and YOUR life.

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