4 Weeks to Strong

4 Weeks To Strong is a strength-focused transformation challenge that will see you make serious gains in your power and performance over 30 days - and that's just the beginning.

Working in a small group, you’ll learn how to safely perform complex lifts and movements such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses. You'll also lift your cardiovascular output to levels you never thought imaginable. 

The 4 Weeks To Strong programme includes standards for you to achieve, leaving you wanting more from yourself each session. You'll also be part of a great online support group and receive nutritional guidance.

We'll teach you the right techniques and call on specialist trainers to help you develop as a person physically and mentally. You can start at any level, but you'll need to have the will and determination to better yourself each workout. 

This is the perfect challenge to alternate with our 4 Weeks To Shred programme in order to keep making progress towards your goals. Our ultimate aim is to drive you to continue to take strides forward in your health and fitness over the longer-term.

With 2x $500 prizes up for grabs as extra motivation, this programme is a great way to lift your game and achieve serious results in just four weeks. 

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How it works

You can follow the programme self-directed, or in a small group to gain access to the opportunity to win prizes. 

The full programme includes:

  • A goal setting exercise
  • An initial testing/measurement session with your small group (does not apply if self-directed)
  • Three fitness challenges to complete each week, combining strength and conditioning exercises (30min-45min to complete)
  • Nutritional guidelines, a food diary resource and advice from our trainers 
  • Access to an online support group, including daily updates, recipes and more
  • Access to 4 x 60-minute whole-crew bootcamp-style training sessions through Recreate
  • A final testing/measurement session with your small group (does not apply if self-directed)

Packages and pricing

Base fee: $50 for self-directed access to the challenges, plus all online resources and support.

Small-group personal training add on and chance to win prizes: Base fee of $50, plus $20 per weekly small group session.

  • 1 small-group session per week = $20 per week
  • 2x small-group sessions per week =$40 per week
  • 3x small-group sessions per week = $60 per week.

Contact reece@recreate.co.nz for more details.


Winners are selected based on transformation photos, physical improvement, body-fat percentage change, adherence to the nutritional guidelines, completion of challenges and group sessions, as well as their contribution to the group.

  • Best Male: $500.00 
  • Best Female: $500.00