Body On The Line

Body On The Line is Recreate Personal Training's original fitness challenge, which has seen hundreds of people across Canterbury make a huge impact on their health and fitness in just 30 days.

Our Body On The Line programme is designed to kick-start good habits through regular one-on-one or small group training sessions, and nutrition support. The aim of this challenge to ultimately inspire longer-term health and fitness improvements.

You’ll work with a trainer three days a week and be put through your paces in 30-minute workouts that are designed to challenge your body and make you sweat. You'll work at your level, whether you're brand new to fitness, or have been kicking around the gym for a while now - Body On The Line can be tailored to suit you. 

You'll also be provided with additional workouts to complete in your own time, pus nutrition advice and goal-setting and mindset activities.

Not for the faint-hearted, Body On The Line is a serious commitment, but one that will see you make serious progress towards your goals, while transforming your body and mind. 

You'll be held accountable, with an incentive of up to half the price off the programme if you're successful. 

If you’ve reached the tipping point and are finally ready to really make progress, then Body On The Line is for you - and it's just the start!

So tell us how bad you want this? Apply now!

How it works

Body On The Line is a 30 day programme, designed to kick-start results and keep you accountable.

If you successfully lose 5 percent body-fat or 5kgs, and keep it off at the final measurement session, the whole project is yours half-price.

If you don't meet these goals, you will pay the full price for the programme.


Individual: $300 if successful in meeting the target, or $600 for the full programme.

Paired: $225 per person if successful in meeting the target, or $450 per person for the full programme.

Small group of 3-5: $180 per person if successful in meeting the target, or $360 per person for the full programme.

Terms and conditions 

1. The successful applicant must put everything on the line for 30 days

2. All sessions must be completed (3 with trainer, plus two more per week) 

3. Weekly nutrition/training diaries must be filled out

4. Must be able to attend 3 x 30 min sessions with a Recreate Personal Trainer per week over 30 days (12 in total)

5. The Body On The Line project may use any statistics collected, and photos or videos created as marketing material 

6. Successful participants must give written or video testimonial.