Bootcamps & Events

Join Recreate at our weekly whole-crew training sessions.

Guaranteed to make your sweat, our whole-crew training sessions will see you train harder than ever before. Surrounded by a big group, who will cheer you on and encourage you through the tough bits, our bootcamp-style sessions are an experience like no other in Christchurch. 


Our popular bootcamps combine a mixture of strength and conditioning exercises and are usually held outdoors.

  • Mondays, 5.30pm, Benny’s Barber Shop, 1 hour duration
  • Saturdays, 7am, various locations around Christchurch, check Facebook for details, 1 hour duration

Cost: $10 per person

Register via Facebook.

Zuu Classes

Zuu is a functional fitness class focusing on movement, mobility, culture and hard-work.

  • Tuesdays, 6am at Bennys Barbershop, 45 minute duration
  • Thursdays, 6am at BennysBarbershop, 45 minute duration

Cost: $10 per person. First class free. Bookings essential.

Register via Facebook.