Corporate Training

Corporate Training for a productive and energised team 

Why offer your staff corporate training?

Having a regular exercise plan decreases everyday stresses, while building emotional stability, and increases the productivity of staff to ensure your business is functioning at a high level.

Various studies and recent research indicates increased productivity of workers who are physically active and who have higher levels of health and wellbeing.

Health and wellness programmes can contribute to increased productivity by supporting your employees’ ability to achieve and reducing the number of sick days taken. A healthier workforce also results in stronger ‘championing’ of the company to others.

Unhealthy worker

Healthy worker

18 days annual sick leave
Self-rated performance of 3.7 out of 10
49 effective hours worked (full time) per month
High-fat diet
Low energy levels and poor concentration
Obese or overweight
Irregular sleep patterns
Poor stress management techniques

2 days annual sick leave
Self-rated performance of 8.5 out of 10
143 effective hours worked (full-time) per month
Healthy diet
Fit, energetic and alert
Normal body weight
More attentive at work, better sleep patterns
Actively manages stress levels

Alarming statistics - Why staff health is more important than ever

The New Zealand Ministry of Health reports alarming statistics due to inactivity, including the premature deaths of around 2600 people a year.

Within a decade, over one in three New Zealanders will be medically obese unless lifestyles and eating habits dramatically improve.

The most persuasive research concerns the preventing of coronary heart disease, which kills more New Zealanders, often at a relatively young age, than any other disease.

Our Corporate Training offering

[re:]create offers corporate training packages for organisations looking to improve the overall health of their workers to ensure optimal business performance and all round wellness. 

Studies show even employees who don’t take up the programmes and benefits on offer are still more likely to be loyal and satisfied with the organisation for being offered the programme in the first place.

  • Workout at your workplace. No equipment needed! Or workout with us at 450 Tuam Street. 
  • Highly flexible: Offer your team weekly workouts, or a one-off 6-12 week Bootcamp. 
  • Staff win prizes for weight loss, most improved, most effort, etc. 
  • Strong focus on nutritonal advice so that your staff form a happy, healthy and productive team.
  • We can work with teams from 2-40 people. 

Contact us today to start designing a package specific to your workplace.