Group Training

Bringing people together through exercise (and a good yarn) is what Recreate Personal Training is famous for.

Our popular small-group training sessions will keep you accountable and provide the extra motivation you need to really push your limits. If you’re new to Christchurch or looking to meet like-minded people, group training is also a great way to make new mates.

Our head coach Reece McCaffrey won Small Group Trainer of the Year at the 2018 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards for his strength, conditioning and mindset focused small-group training style. Reece leads our small-group training team and by working with Recreate you'll benefit from learning the methods that have made our sessions famous.

You’ll train in a group of three to five people of similar abilities, in time slots that fit around your schedule. We recommend booking three sessions in with your group each week to maximise the benefits of your training.

Working together you’ll build your strength, cardio fitness and increase your mobility - all while having a bit of fun too. Our targeted group workouts take just 30 minutes, keeping you working hard in short, sharp bursts for the best results.

Our experienced personal trainers will tailor a group programme that will help you build a solid fitness foundation, while also working on your individual goals.

When you train with Recreate, you’ll gain access to free online support from your trainer and the Recreate crew, plus nutritional guidance, regular additional workout ideas and opportunities to attend events.

Group training sessions start from $20 per person (minimum of 3 in a group) for 30 minutes.

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Take it up a notch with Recreate’s small-group challenges

4 Weeks to Strong

This strength-focused transformation challenge will see you make gains in your power and performance. Working in a small group, you’ll learn how to safely perform complex lifts and movements such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses. With prizes up for grabs as extra motivation, this programme is a great way to lift your game and achieve serious results in just four weeks. 

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4 Weeks to Shred

Designed to get you in your best-ever shape, our four week shred programme will see you decrease your body-fat and make leaps forward in your fitness, endurance and mental toughness. With cash prizes up for grabs for the best transformations, this programme is a great way boost your fitness and achieve huge results in just four weeks.

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Body On The Line

Want to make a big impact on your health and fitness in just 30 days? Our Body On The Line programme is designed to kick-start good habits through regular training and nutrition support. You’ll work in a small group with a trainer three days a week, plus be provided with nutrition advice and additional goal-setting and mindset activities. Not for the faint-hearted, Body On The Line is a serious commitment, but one that will see you make serious progress towards your goals, while transforming your body and mind. 

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