Personal Training

Recreate's one-on-one personal training programmes will help you get results, no matter your goal. 

Whether you’re just starting out and need basic workouts you can fit into your lunch-break, or you have a specific sports or competition goal in mind, our one-on-one personalised training sessions will provide the structure and motivation you need.

At Recreate Personal Training, we believe in building a solid fitness foundation by combining strength, cardio and mobility exercises that will enhance your physical and mental performance. Our workouts are short, sharp and targeted, helping you to work on your weaknesses while lifting heavier, moving faster and becoming more flexible.

Our qualified personal trainers will push you to go the extra mile, while improving your technique, performance and mindset. Training one-on-one also allows you to carefully work around any injuries or challenges, and to fit fitness into your schedule.

When you train with Recreate, you'll also gain access to free online support from your trainer and the Recreate crew, plus nutritional guidance, regular additional workout ideas and opportunities to attend events.

Personal training sessions start from $50 for 30 minutes.

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Put your Body On The Line

Want to make a big impact on your health and fitness in just 30 days? Our Body On The Line programme is designed to kick-start good habits through regular one-on-one training and nutrition support.

You’ll work with a trainer three days a week, plus be provided with nutrition advice and additional goal-setting and mindset activities. Not for the faint-hearted, Body On The Line is a serious commitment, but one that will see you make serious progress towards your goals, while transforming your body and mind.

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