Sports Training

Sports conditioning for teams and individuals 

Sports-specific training can help you improve strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and endurance in your chosen sport. By using periodisation we will look at what types of training are needed at specific times of the season to ensure you are prepared for each game or event.

Understanding the bio-mechanics for the sport and the energy systems used are vital to sports performance on the field. By imitating movement patterns and developing muscle memory you will be able to increase execution of chosen movements. This in return will improve specific elements or weaknesses in your game.

For example, increasing arm strength for a tennis serve or improving strength and core stability to provide better balance playing golf.

Sports-specific training is all about developing physical conditions to improve performance and skills at a particular sport. It is also about understanding the needs of the game and training/practicing using the right intensities and duration in order to meet sports requirements.

[re:]create Personal Training are strength and conditioning specialists

  • Sports team trainings (pre-season and in-season)
  • Large group trainings for 10+ participants
  • Small group trainings for 4-6 participants
  • Individual athlete training

Our approach

Too many people let training define them. It’s all they do and think about. Their whole life revolves around losing weight, getting bigger or stronger and they forgo everything else in the pursuit of more.

These are usually the people who get subpar results and suffer from extreme depression.

The people who make training part of what they do, but not who they are the ones who get great results.

Every well-built professional athlete obsesses about training far less than you do. They rarely ever think about it. It’s just part of what they do.

Every workout is not a competition because their life is competition.

We’ve trained many successful people who are in the same boat. They’re too busy to think about training or spend nine hours per day surfing the web in search of the best way to do a concentration curl. They think about training for one hour per day, three or four days per week.

To succeed in training it’s crucial to have other hobbies, passions and interests. Let it just be part of what you do and not who you are.

These are the principles we instil at Recreate Personal Training. We take the guess work out for you. When you train with us, you don't have to think - we are the trained professionals and our evidence backs that up.  

[Re:]create = Results.  It comes down to "How bad do you really want it?"  

We will give you the tools you need to execute.  So if you have been thinking about it or know somebody who needs to get fitter, stronger and improve performance, send them to the professionals at Recreate Personal Training.

Sports specific training is available for team, small group or individual training. Contact us now for a free consultation.