Eifion Jones

Well what can I say? Reece McCaffrey and the Team at [re:] create Personal Training, the only word that springs into mind is AWESOME!!!

I arrived here in New Zealand 2 and a half years ago as an overweight, unfit Welshman!!! I drank too much and ate too much crap foods and let myself go too much. So I decided as Im in a new country I will try and change and become a new me too!!

I can remember the day clearly, my first ever bootcamp down in Redcliffs, I turned up probably still half drunk from a Friday night booze up and thought 'I will smash this session out', how wrong was I?

Haha they nearly half killed me and I had never felt so bad after a workout, Im sure it would turn some people off for life. I carried on and started seeing a trainer once a week and tried to get into the gym as often as i could! The results spoke for themselves and I had lost 15kgs in around four months. I carried on doing what I was doing regularly at the gym, with the fantastic helping hand from the team, and cleaned up my diet.

As a whole, this experience changed me into a better, stronger and fitter man! I will accept any challenge and give it a go - doesn't matter if you fail at least you've given it your best!

From this fantastic experience I have gained a new ME, made heaps of friends, some nearly like family - can't thank you enough for that, there isn't a price to be paid for that, just grit determination and hard work and the results speak for themselves!

I would, will and definitely recommend [re:] create Personal Training to anyone who is after not just a service but a good friendship and a personal touch to their training. Very good motivators and can be a big love/hate relationship at times, but surely well worth it! Thanks again guys and keep up the AWESOME work! #noexcuses