Greg de Villiers

Greg de Villiers’ transformation is impressive.

In 2016, Greg weighed 143kg and hardly ever exercised. This year, he ran his first marathon and just a few weeks ago pulled a 195kg deadlift. He is also 46kg lighter.

As much as his transformation has been physical, with increased fitness and strength, it has also been psychological, with a new approach to life.

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During his heavier days, Greg’s lifestyle and relationship with food was unhealthy, with lots of empty calories – fast food binges, chocolate, sugary drinks and salty chips. His self-confidence was pretty low, which negatively impacted his mood, energy levels, sleep and interactions with others. But his partner asked him to come along to Recreate to try it out and he was hooked. 

A few weeks later he met with Reece and joined the 4 Weeks to Strong programme. As well as helping with general fitness and strength conditioning, this programme also includes advice on nutrition.

"I didn't restrict myself to a crazy diet. I just decided to not eat processed food – junk food," says Greg.

Greg’s daily menu now revolves around fruits, vegetables, meat and carbs such as oats and rice. He also recognises the ‘triggers’ for his junk food binges, and replaces the fast food with exercise.

"I eat carbs and fat and everything, just in moderation. That’s the trick. I still eat chocolate a couple of times a week and have a pizza or a burger once in a while.”

By eating less crap and making his fitness a life priority, he has been able to stay motivated and committed to his fitness. 

"Sleep is 100 per cent, energy levels and concentration levels are incredible. Every aspect of life is so much easier and better. There is no secret recipe, it's all about balance."

To keep up his good work, Greg exercises for about an hour a day, which includes a mix of weight-lifting, high-intensity and running. He has also set his sights on pulling a 200kg and double bodyweight. 

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Greg is passionate about fitness and helping others, offering free community ZUU workouts once a month with Reece. "I want people to see they can do it."

Greg’s tips:

  • Have big dreams, but set small, achievable goals
  • Change your diet gradually over time
  • Do not eliminate specific foods from your diet to avoid cravings
  • Find a type of exercise you enjoy, be it running or swimming or dancing
  • Weight-loss won't happen overnight and that's OK. It's better to lose weight gradually

We’re stoked with your success Greg and thanks for sharing your story. Check out Greg’s transformation journey on Instagram @gregsfat2fit 

If some of Greg's story resonates with you, we would love to chat and help you make changes to your lifestyle. Get in touch.