Josh Leszczuk

This man is a weapon and a pleasure to train. In just six weeks, he dropped 9.5kg and 7% body-fat. With a massive focus on his nutrition and increased training intensity, Josh was able to achieve these results. His physical changes were remarkable but also his athletic ability and fitness testing were amazing.

He is now deadlifting 230 x3 and smashed out 46 burpees in 2 minutes.

Josh's thoughts on Recreate

I first started training with Reece through Sumner Rugby after arriving here in 2012. Over the past year I've started to do more sessions with Reece and ultimately joined up to the 6 Week Challenge. This has improved my fitness levels and general well-being massively.

His guidelines and help with your diet/training and rest are second-to-none, but he also understands that you're not going to feel perfect every day - so you have to take the good with the bad. I love his like-minded attitude to training. He makes it as challenging as possible to push the body to its physical limit. This has helped me push myself further and become physically in a better shape. He gets involved and goes through the pain with you.

Reece and the team create a brilliant atmosphere to train in, which maximises your performance and eagerness to work harder. This is the reason I keep coming back. My results are constantly improving and no session is the same, therefore keeping the 'fun' element to it.

I'd recommend anyone to train with either Reece, Shannon or Nik at [Re:]create as not only do they push you to your limit, but they cater to your personal needs! Cheers team!

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