Kyla Powell

For anyone thinking about doing Body on the Line I cannot recommend the programme enough! What a difference a month makes, from the first week when I had serious doubts about my ability to walk down four stairs and across the road to my car without collapsing in a heap and crying out for help - and now a year down the track I'm still going to the gym and seeing Shannon!

Shannon Durrant, from the first meeting, provided nothing but encouragement, support and gave me confidence that I could in fact achieve my first month's goal, not die in the process, and that I would lose the weight and be fitter by the time the month was at an end as long as I followed the programme. With his uncanny ability to count while I was trying to distract him with “surely that’s it now!”, he kept me on track, and between you and me, I really enjoy the challenge of doing more each session! WHO KNEW?!!!

Shannon also took into consideration an injury I have and changed the programme to accommodate the limitations this caused, so there was NO reason for me not to achieve my first month's goal! The winning combination of diet, exercise, a great trainer, an incredibly friendly atmosphere -where the team are genuinely interested in how you are getting on, and want to see you do well - means you can’t lose…well in this case you can lose kgs.

#noexcuses aye Shannon Durrant!!!!