Leticia Bell

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Leticia lost 27.8kg in 16 Weeks with her Recreate trainer Shannon!

What got you started with Recreate and your PT Shannon?

Being unfit and overweight was so frustrating, so one night I just decided something had to be done about it. I did a little search online for personal trainers in the area, and Recreate was the one that stood out for me the most, so I sent through an email and the rest is history.

What keeps you coming back?

Shannon is an awesome trainer and so easy to get along with - he's been encouraging and supportive from the very first consult! Seeing how far I've come, I know I would've never achieved these great results on my own.

Why would you recommend it to anybody else?

If you're looking to lose weight, get fit and strong, I would definitely recommend Recreate - they're highly trained, experienced and an all-round bunch of awesome guys. They also have great programmes available - one I would definitely recommend is Body On The Line!