Morgan Dumelow

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Morgan has lost 14kgs, 14% body-fat and 20cm off her hips since she started training with Recreate just over a year ago. Her hard work has also resulted in some seriously impressive achievements in the gym. We asked her why she trains with Recreate...

Why did you start with Recreate?

I first met Reece when I signed up to a corporate bootcamp through Hire KING back in November 2015. There was a 'Biggest Loser' competition as part of the bootcamp and the winner received a free Body on the Line package with Recreate.

I managed to win this and kicked off Body on the Line with Reece in January 2016.

What keeps you coming back?

  1. The people - Reece, Shannon and Nik are an awesome team who know how to make you work hard and help you achieve goals, all while having fun! I've also made heaps of new friends through training with Recreate and the small group trainings I attend twice a week are one of the highlights of my week!
  2. Hitting goals - I've hit so many goals I never thought possible in the last year. I hit my goal weight for the year, ran my first 10km, deadlifted 130kg, squatted 100kg...all of these things seemed impossible to me before training with Recreate. It's easy to get addicted when you're seeing such great results!
  3. Variety in training - We're always doing something different and Reece will change up my programme every month depending on what I feel like focusing on. For someone who gets bored easily, this is a great way to keep me interested.
  4. Challenges - Recreate run different group challenges throughout the year and being a competitive person I love to get involved and give it my best. It's a great way to keep me accountable!

Why would you recommend Recreate?

Training with Recreate has changed my life for the better. I'm healthier and fitter and feel so much better about myself. They are a fun bunch to train with who always keep your goals in mind and do what they can to help you reach them. Reece has provided me with not only training advice but nutrition advice, which resulted in a big lifestyle change for me and I couldn't be happier!

Anyone who is prepared to put their head down and work hard should definitely get involved with Recreate, you won't regret it.