ParaFed Canterbury Academy Programme

A group of young athletes from the ParaFed Canterbury Academy Programme attended strength and conditioning sessions with our [Re:]create trainers Shannon and Reece.

We were excited by the challenge of working with athletes from a variety of sports and fitness levels, who were different ages and had a range of different disabilities.

Our sessions focused on getting the team to try and engage muscles they wouldn't normally use.

All the young athletes tackled the exercises to the best of their ability - some were hopping in and out of wheelchairs to do certain exercises or balancing their bodyweight on one leg. 

They were a lot more confident each time they came in and were always willing to give anything a go.
We had people doing one-arm burpees and others using team work to both control battle ropes and push around the sled. We even had young athletes doing chin ups in and out of their chairs.

They were such enthusiastic kids that really wanted to get something out of training with us and have fun. We can't wait to see what they achieve in their sports this year.

Training the Parafed team.

Here's what Charlotte from Parafed has to say about Recreate:

ParaFed Canterbury provides sport and recreation for people with physical disabilities. 

Shannon and Reece adapted easily to the challenge of working with our young athletes, putting together two very professional and rewarding sessions.

The sessions included a mixture of free weights, machines, circuit and cardio exercise. They were an eye opener for many athletes who were getting their first taste of strength and conditioning work outside of their regular sports environment.

The proof of a job well done is in what the athletes had to say:

  • “I really enjoyed the session and they pushed me beyond what I thought was possible.” 
  • “The trainers also gave me some great ideas for exercises I can do at home.” 
  • “The team at ReCreate are awesome to work with and looking forward to coming back again soon”.