Tui Scott

Tui recently completed our 6 Week Challenge. She destroyed all of the weekly challenges and had amazing results with her strength and conditioning.

In her initial testing she was able to do 4 banded chin-ups, now she can complete 5 unassisted. She also cleaned up the boys in the 1km run - completing it in 3.49!

Tui was very committed and worked hard on her programming and nutrition as set out by Shannon.

She dropped 4.8kg and 6.2% body-fat in 6 weeks. Her girth measurements decreased 28cms overall from 6 sites.

Here's what she has to say about the experience...

Tui's thoughts on Recreate

I first heard about Recreate through a friend of mine who had just completed the 6 Week Challenge. She suggested I enter the next one. 

The experience went above and beyond what I ever could have expected. I lost kgs, gained muscle and generally just toned up. I went from being just fit to being strong too. 

The team at Recreate are awesome! They're approachable, incredibly supportive and innovative. I'm sold on them and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

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