Tyler Bowry

15kgs lighter and down 8% in body-fat, Tyler says he is feeling and looking a lot healthier since he started training with Nik. We asked him why he trains with Recreate ...

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When I first sat down with Nik for a consult, it wasn't just about how many sessions he could get me to book - he was interested in me, what I'm about and what I wanted to achieve. He helped prioritise my goals and at the end of our one-hour chat I felt like I was already achieving something. I knew this was going to be a good move.

What keeps you coming back?

  1. MOTIVATION: The motivation I receive from the lads at Recreate is unreal. There's always a new challenge brewing, keeping it exciting.
  2. HELP: Not only does Nik train me, but he actually teaches me how and explains why we do what we do. He's full of advice on constantly improving my whole lifestyle.
  3. THE RESULTS: My results have been great. I was at 110.5kg the first day I met Nik. Six months later, I'm at 95kg and 8% less body-fat. I'm feeling and looking a lot healthier, lifting heavier, running longer and training harder.

Why would you recommend Recreate?

Most of all, NONE of them are in it for the money - they actually care! You can see it when they are training people. They love what they do and that makes them so much better at it. Old, young, big, small, early, or late - they will find the time for you and make it work.